A short list with web sites which add value to the life of a DataFlex developer

  1. Data Access Worldwide
  2. The developers of the programming language
  3. DataFlex Reddit
  4. A reddit for DataFlex
  5. DataFlex Wiki
  6. Store your DataFlex knowledge in the wiki
  7. Frank Cheng's DataFlex collection
  8. Frank Cheng has a collection of DataFlex pecularities
  9. RDC Tools
  10. The people behind the QuizMaster Manager project among others

VMware must visit sites are:

  1. VMware
  2. The company behind it all
  3. PlanetVM
  4. PlanetVM from the all round friendly Tom Howarth
  5. Virtually Ghetto
  6. William Lams brilliant hacks for VMware
  7. Virtu -Al
  8. Alan Renouf of the famous Powershell scripts and nowadays Product Manager at VMware