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Antwise Solutions has been founded by Wil van Antwerpen.

Over the past 24 years, Wil has been working for a variety of companies around the world in the DataFlex programming language ecosystem.
Developing software in Visual DataFlex opens a world of possibilities.
In September 1999 he was one of the co-founders who started the VDF Guidance Open Source web site, sharing the knowledge of the DataFlex programming language. Pretty soon other people donated their projects and code snippets into the open as well, code to be shared with peer developers.
VDF-Guidance would not be the success it is, without all of you, Thank You!

A few years after that Wil got introduced into the amazing world of virtualisation. Starting out with the Virtual PC products from Microsoft in 2004, it didn't take very long before realizing that the best virtual platform to use was -and still is- the VMware platform.
After using VMware workstation, other products such as ESX/vSphere/Fusion followed pretty soon and nowadays Wil is a complete virtualisation addict and has spent quite a bit of time on trying to extend his knowledge and help people out on the VMware community forums.

As a result he also started the VI-Toolkit web site in late 2008.
One of the more interesting parts there is de vim-cmd documentation.
Around that same time he also started by helping out with administrating and writing blog articles for the PlanetVM.net web site.
Then in 2010 he became a moderator on the VMware community forums (until 2022).

While attending the VMworld 2009 Europe edition in Cannes as one of the panelists in the VMTN Experts panel- Wil got nominated and accepted to be part of the VMware vExperts and much to his surprise again every year since then.
He considers it to be an honor to be part of this group of highly skilled professionals.
Then in 2016 Wil released: Vimalin, a product that assists you for making automatic backups of your important Virtual Machines on VMware Fusion. Thereby overcoming the problems with depending on Time Machine for VM backups.

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VMware vExpert 2009 - 2024

More products have been released since then, such as Vimarun and AntView.