Versions available/licensing

All licenses come with a one year update subscription.

The control will continue to work even once the subscription has expired, but you won't be able to get support for it, download newer updates or be able to renew for the discount price.

Per developer licensing

  1. Single developer seat.
  2. Now for only EUR 299,-
  3. Renewal of the subscription is EUR 149,- (must be renewed before the subscription expires)
An Early Bird license at 50% off will be available for a limited time once we release our control.

Deployment limitations

There are no additional deployment restrictions, you can distribute the wrapper control with all your applications.
You are not allowed to use it to develop a competing product or to resell the control.

All prices are excluding 21% VAT, non dutch EU companies can get a bill without VAT after supplying a valid VAT tax number. VAT tax does not apply outside of the EU.

If in doubt, please contact us for more details.