List of Changes

Release 1.0.44


release 1.0.44, Tech Preview 2

The following changes have been made since version 1.0.33

TP expiration date: August 21, 2021

Changes in the demo:
- new exchange rates view
- new ratings control view
- load from string view now disables right click options and developer mode (Function key F12)

Changes in the control:

Major new feature:
The document interface now has a function for using anonymous javascript functions. This makes it easy to pass parameters to your javascript functionality and to track the asynchronous events that pass back the results.

Added support for the following events:
- OnContainsFullScreenElementChanged
- OnContentLoading
- OnFrameNavigationCompleted
- OnFrameNavigationStarting
- OnSourceChanged
- OnWindowClosedRequested
- OnZoomFactorChanged
- OnSetElementValueByName
- OnRequestElementValueByName
- OnRequestFormSubmitByName
- OnRunAnonymousFunction
Added support for the following properties:
- WindowClosedRequestEnabled
- CreateWebViewOnCreate
- UserDataFolder, so you can change the location of the cache folder
- WebResourceResponseReceivedEnabled property so you can determine if all responses are parsed by default or not (default is not)
- AnonymousFunctionReturnParams, set it to pass back the parameters to your result event as well (default false)

Added support for the following methods:
- CreateWebView
- CloseWebView
- CloseBrowserProcess
- RequestFormSubmitByName
- RunAnonymousFunction

- EdgeBrowserWebResourceResponseReceived, added extra error checking
- RequestFormSubmit to RequestFormSubmitById
- OnSetElementValue to OnSetElementValueById
- OnRequestElementValue to OnRequestElementValueById
- OnRequestFormSubmit to OnRequestFormSubmitById
- OnCreateWebviewCompleted, added parameter result

- OnStringContent, this turned out to be a cause of instability for our control and while it certainly was cool to see every text file contents loaded in your URL to come flow past, I doubt it has much practical use. For now it has been removed as a non reliable feature is not a good feature.