A component for generating an MD5 hash of strings and files.
This component uses a standalone DLL to perform its md5sum processing and does not depend on any other components in your system. It is a high performance way of adding md5sum capabilities to your applications.
The control comes with a Visual DataFlex wrapper class for ease of use.

What can you use it for?

If you have never used md5sum hashing before then you might wonder what you would want to use this for. You can take a quick look at Wikipedia's definition for md5sum encoding.

In short: When you want to verify that files (or strings) are identical you can do this by creating a sort of fingerprint of each file and then compare both of the fingerprints. The big advantage here is that you do not have to do a bit by bit comparison of each file and transfer the whole file down the line. Instead a small MD5 hash is computed of each file and then both the hashes are being compared instead of all the data. This is a very common way of verifying that files have been transferred correctly over a medium such as the internet.


There's a complete Visual DataFlex version 16.1 demo application available for download for a quick evaluation.
The only functional limitation in that demo is that it throws up a "nag" dialog on first use. It does come with all of the code required for use in developing your products.


There are no restrictions on usage or deployment for the control, but its use is limited for use by a single developer. You can use it for as many applications (Windows or Web) as you want after purchasing the component.